Maram Nashar

Financial Advisor
Office: 518.220.4257
Mobile: 518.253.1993

Maram has over 15 years of experience serving clients in the insurance and financial services industries and has been affiliated with New York Life since 2005. Always putting the needs of her clients first, with honesty and integrity, is what Maram considers to be the driving force behind her success.

Maram brings extensive knowledge and understanding as she designs solutions for her client's retirement planning, estate planning, wealth management, as well as business succession and executive and employee compensation and benefits. She excels at helping clients to crystallize their goals while creating a road map for their success.

Maram belongs to an elite group of industry leaders who has exclusive access to the in-house support of planning professionals with credentials in law, taxation, accounting, insurance and finance. The combination of resources of Eagle Strategies LLC enhance Maram's ability to provide a more comprehensive platform for her high net worth clients.

“We are all here to help each other”, is what Maram believes life is all about. If her clients are successful, then she is successful. Building great relationships by spending time with individuals to get to know who they are and what is truly important to them, is essential to helping them have real and lasting “financial peace of mind”.

With experience gained through 15+ years in the insurance and financial services industries, Maram has been helping individuals and businesses by taking them through a discovery process that helps them clearly define where they are compared to where they want, and need, to be. Her philosophy is to ask good questions and to listen, in order to understand. This understanding allows Maram to help every client, large or small, by offering customized, creative and innovative options to help them put in place “their strategy” to build, maintain and protect their wealth.

Once implemented, Maram believes in strengthening great relationships with her clients by monitoring and measuring their goals and plans because life inevitably brings change and, “you can't impact something you don't measure”. It is also important to collaborate with a client's other professionals, like their accountant, because Maram believes being part of the team shares the same goal of helping our clients achieve real and lasting “financial peace of mind” by working together and helping each other with the client's best interests in mind.

Maram knows that always doing the right thing to build strong, long term relationships with people is essential to her clients' success and the continued success of her practice.